The Programs at the Mohawk Humane Society

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Mohawk Humane Society


P.J. Blanchfield, an Albany attorney with more than two decades of experience, supports several notable organizations, including St. Jude’s Research Hospital, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Mohawk Humane Society. As an advocate for the adoption of animals, P.J. Blanchfield has added a rescue dog to his own family. In addition to offering animals for adoption, the Mohawk Humane Society offers several community programs.

Dog training classes at Mohawk Humane Society are a popular option for dog owners. The reward based sessions are based on positive reinforcement and run for six weeks at a cost of $125.

Spaying and neutering of pets, key services offered by Mohawk Humane Society, provide a long-term solution for the problem of over population. Every adopted pet undergoes surgery prior to leaving the facility, and pet owners in the community can bring their pets to the facility for these procedures, as well. Those who need financial assistance can get their pets spayed or neutered at a subsidized cost.

Mohawk Humane Society also offers vaccinations, leukemia testing, microchipping, and educational programs on subjects like disaster preparedness. By offering programs, conducting on-site tours at the facility, and educating the community, the organization furthers its mission to advocate for lost, abused, and unwanted animals.