ASPCA’s Mega Match-a-Thon Weekend Saves More than 5,600 Animals

For more than 20 years, P.J. Blanchfield has worked as an attorney in Albany, New York, prosecuting such crimes as robbery, gun crimes, and murder. As a proponent of adopting animals, P.J. Blanchfield regularly contributes to his local humane society and the ASPCA.

The first humane society in North America, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has been protecting animals in America since 1866. The organization is currently one of the largest societies in the world dedicated to the prevention of animal cruelty. To further support its mission, the ASPCA hosts several events and projects. One of the ASPCA’s recent initiatives was its Mega Match-a-thon weekend, which enlisted the help of animal welfare groups in 36 of America’s communities to find homes for shelter animals.

To assist the large adoption events held around the nation, the ASPCA granted close to $300,000 for this three-day-long initiative. The Mega Match-a-thon weekend was highly successful, with some shelters finding homes for over 200 cats and dogs within a single day. With the wide support of American shelters and new adoptive pet owners, the ASPCA weekend event succeeded in improving the lives of more than 5,600 shelter animals.


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