Supporting the Care of Homeless Animals through the MHHS

PJ Blanchfield, assistant public defender in Albany, New York, has worked on drug, burglary, gun, and murder cases throughout his 20-year career. When he is not defending clients, PJ Blanchfield enjoys being charitably active and donates to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

Founded in 1887, the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS) provides shelter and care to animals within the community. Taking in around 6,000 animals each year, MHHS promotes the unacceptable nature of abusing, abandoning, and neglecting animals. Following the values of compassion and respect, MHHS creates a gentle and caring environment for the animals. The Society also maintains a strong commitment to high quality animal care and works to find a home for every adoptable animal.

The MHHS provides several services to support animals and spread the importance of preventing animal cruelty. Mohawk Hudson Humane Society does everything from teaching pet owners to maintain an emergency kit should disaster strike to holding spay and neuter clinics. The Society also works in conjunction with several other community organizations that focus on supporting both community members and animals.